Expression of Interest

Make Your Intentions known


An initial crowd offer can be a daunting prospect, even for a highly sought after ‘fast’ company.

That’s why Billfolda offers expression of interest, which can be used by the issuer during the planning phase. It’s a valuable service for both investor and issuer as it helps to align offers with the real audience and fast track realistic outcomes, whilst removing doubt and further work down the track.


This method, and methods like it are often used as for raising funds when other options are not desirable.

The expression of interest can be open for a fixed or variable period of time, during which investors can make one or more expression of interest, though only the final one will be attached to your account with Billfolda.

Once the expression of interest period is closed, the company and or Billfolda examines the results against expectations and our own criteria and advises when the CSF offer will open.


If there is a lot of demand for a stock?

A CSF offer can become theoretically oversubscribed (even before its open). In these instances, a company may decide to issue additional shares (but is not obligated to do so).


Billfolda may run accelerated expression of interest

Where pre-commitments may only be open for one or two days with little or no marketing.


Billfolda targets both wholesale and retail investors without differentiation to these status in regards to pre-registrations.

In many financial markets it is often the wholesale portion of the market gain first access, however this is not the case at Billfolda.


When we take Pre-commitments,the issuer gets a look at our investors

And in return, the investors are assured that they will be notified of access to the offer document for any fast tracked release immediately prior to the opening.


The most successful international offers have closed in minutes

Therefore, pre-commitment to an attractive offer is an option worth considering.