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What is Billfolda?

Billfolda is an entirely new type of crowd backed venture capital investment company. We do what crowdfunding platforms and venture capital firms do and more. We find startups and scaleups that may have exceptional potential, perform the required checks, and enable our investors to purchase an equity stake in these companies.

What makes Billfolda different is that we offer you an online venture capital platform with very low fees. We can do this because we take part of our service charge as an investment right along side you, and any third party fee you pay is equal no more than you’d pay directly (or even less) Yes that’s right, we are in this together!

We use our connections, research, deal flow, mentoring, money management skills and combine them with the advantages of crowdfunding (open access, ease of use, diversification, transparency) to locate great offers, and then you decide if they are worthy.

Gone are the days when you have to pay a commission to the insiders who did little more than introduce you, where you risk $100,000, at a minimum, on a single investment.

Billfolda has turned that model on its head. We find start-ups seeking capital that we believe in, and only then we match them with those looking to invest as little as $250.

Why Choose Billfolda



Billfolda completes the required CSF Crowd Funding checking process on every CSF offer before retail investors can access it. That process includes identifying the company officeholders, credit history, skills and reputation, previously issued equity and so on. It’s not just the minimum prescribed legal checks, we need to believe each offer worthy of your time and perhaps your money.



Given up on carrying loose change and prefer digital / plastic? Looking for something new and improved that you can help to grow? Do you find it hard to spend all your folding money? You have come to the right place.

Billfolda offers affluent individuals the opportunity to provide capital to growth phase businesses in exchange for an ownership equity.



Billfolda offers provide shares in return for investment, an equitable stake in shares in the company. All funds, less our disclosed fee are paid to the company (including interest) so your money will be put to work with the expectation of a return. On successful fundraising, Billfolda takes part of its fee as CSF shares, right alongside you.

The Very latest updates


We form close relationships with the Companies listed on our platform and as a trusted partner have not only information rights, but unique access to regular status updates. Enjoy access to our forum, live investment progress and our news feed.

Fundraising tech


Billfolda has spent years preparing to launch, with substantial custom patent pending technology. We are committed to developing tools that enable real time user driven investment vetting for issues and investors alike.



The Billfolda Team consists of individuals with deep experience in the private company ecosystem and have successfully completed millions of dollars worth of transactions over the past 10+ years.



Billfolda allows investors to build a diversified portfolio of investments in new companies without requiring tens of thousands of dollar investments in each.



Invest with experienced Investors and VC's: Billfolda enables exempt angel and professional investors to invest alongside institutional investors and VC's at the same terms while providing unparalleled access to some of the most interesting opportunities.

How it works

For Investors For Entrepreneurs
Invest directly into innovative companies device_hub
Connect with experienced investors who can help your company thrive
Communicate directly with company CEOs and founders trending_up
Fast track fundraising — streamlining your process
Invest alongside experienced consumer and retail investors accessibility
Leverage the Billfolda platform and promote to the public
Access the licensed Billfolda investor team assistant
Best of breed issuer tools and professional support
24/7 access to financials and diligence documents settings_cell
Intuitive interface and tool kit for investor relations